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a method for discussing general concepts and ideas for Minecraft as well as ideas to improve the play of the server.


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The server has, sadly, since been shut down. We will possibly bring it back up if there is enough interest.

Server Information

  • Rules:
    • Don't be a dick, we dictate what warrants being a dick.
  • IP
    • minecraft.tunedchaos.tech
  • Server Type
  • Plugins
    • BarAPI (3.5)
      • An API to display bars (used in mcMMO)
      • McMMOExtras requires it
    • ChopTree3 (4.0.0)
      • Chop one "trunk" of a tree with an axe (must be an axe) and the rest above come "tumbling down"
      • Disabled in mcMMO
    • Citizens (2.0.22-SNAPSHOT (build 1494))
      • Allows Admins to Spawn NPCs for Shops or Quests
    • DiscordMC (1.4.12)
      • Allows for communication between Minecraft and Discord
    • DynMap (2.5-Dev201706100405)
    • EssentialsX (2.0.1-b488)
      • Useful admin commands
      • Economy system (not fully fleshed out yet)
    • LibsDisguises (9.5.0-SNAPSHOT)
      • Library that allows for "disguises" to be applied to mobs or players
    • LuckPerms (3.4.7)
      • Permissions
      • Replaced LordPermissions due to load failure
      • Replaced PermissionsEx due to a more robust system
    • mcMMO (1.5.09-SNAPSHOT)
    • mcMMOAction (2.0)
      • Moves "action" indicators to a non-chat-box location
      • Enable/Disable by typing /mcmmoaction
      • Enabled by default
    • McMMOExtras (5.3.2)
      • Shows XP bar (2 maximum at a time)
      • /expbar, /mcmmoextras or /mcme
    • Multiverse-Core (2.5.0-b727)
      • Allows for multiple worlds
      • We can add more if we want (like a non-flat-creative)
    • Multiverse-Inventories (1.4)
      • Replaced PerWorldInventories due to respawn duplication glitch
      • Enforces that each world has its own inventory (so you can't cheat and take stuff from Creative and put it into Survival or into McMMO)
      • Still allows equipment transfer between main, nether, and the end
      • Will not transfer between McMMO world and other Worlds (except Nether and The End there)
    • Multiverse-NetherPortals (2.5-b675)
      • Fixes an issue with Multiverse that allows for Nether and End portals to be created on non-default worlds (McMMO)
    • Multiverse-Portals (2.5.0-b751)
      • Allows for easy teleportation between the worlds based on a portal (instead of a chat command).
    • MythicMobs (4.2.0-SNAPSHOT)
      • Allows for custom mob functions.
      • Allows for giving XP and Money when mobs are killed.
      • Allows the creation of custom and boss mobs.
    • PerWorldPlugins (1.2.4)
      • Enforces that only certain plugins load on particular worlds, or disables their functionalities on a per-world basis
      • Example: McMMO functions are only possibly on the McMMO World
    • PlugMan (2.1.4)
      • Intended to Auto-Update plugins where possible
      • Or at least notify when updates are needed
    • ProtocolLib (4.3.0)
      • A library/api plugin necessary for some plugins
      • McMMOAction requires it
    • PurpleIRC (1.0-302)
      • Used to communicate between Minecraft and IRC or Slack
    • Quests (3.0.0-Naomi-b${env.BUILD_NUMBER})
      • Allows for the creation of quests.
    • RedstoneJukeboxTrig (2.6.0)
      • Triggers juke boxes by redstone
    • ShopPlus (1.0.1)
      • An in-game shop that utilizes the in-game economy (yay!)
      • Type /shop to use
    • SurvivalFly (1.0)
      • Admin only flying command for use in survival mode
    • Vault (1.6.1)
      • An API system
      • EssentialsX Requires it
      • Specifically needed for Economy functions
    • WorldEdit (6.1.8-SNAPSHOT;cd4729f)
      • A utility for copying/pasting/modifying things in bulk if/when needed.
      • Admin Only
    • WorldGuard (6.2.1;84bc322)
      • A plugin that allow for region definitions and enforcement that only Ops or certain people can utilize/modify/edit them.
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1.12 is in pre-release open beta. We are *not* updating the server to it until it is released.

Note that this when this happens the server will be taken down in order to do the upgrade and it may take some time to do so to ensure all plugins still work.

This also means the update will NOT occur until we can confirm each plugin works with the associated version.


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Okay everyone,
  • The following plugins have been updated
    • ChopTree3
    • Multiverse-Core
    • PurpleIRC
  • The following have been removed
    • EnchantGUI
    • LordPermissions
  • The following have been added
    • DiscordMC
    • PermissionsEx
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Server Software Updated to 1.12. Enjoy.

Note, this disabled multiverse, currently creative world portal will not work.

Will be updating asap but all other functionalities seem to still work.
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The server has been MOVED, it is now hosted in a datacenter in Kansas City on a significantly more powerful server.

So, there's a new IP, the OLD ONE WILL NOT WORK!

New hardware specifics:
2 Intel Xenon 5650s (These are 12 thread 6 core processors, which essentially makes it 24 cores!)
32 GB of RAM
1 TB of HD Space

My bandwidth allowance is less by 3 TB (but we never came close before and we had 36 TB before) so now it's 33 TB

Now that this upgrade is complete I will be able to roll out some more interesting plugins (like MCMMO as I said I would do before).


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Server info post updated with latest plugin changes.

Added LibsDisguises
Added MythicMobs
Added ShopPlus

Implemented Economy, all defensible mobs will earn you money and extra XP in McMMO (ONLY on McMMO).


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A warning to all here,
On Wednesday (September 27, 2017) of next week the server will be shutting down for datacenter maintenance at around 6:00 AM Eastern, it should be restored at about 10:00 AM Eastern barring any incidents during the datacenter maintenance.
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